Karius mask

Alisson Becker removed a latex mask following Liverpool’s 3 – 1 collapse at the Kingpower Stadium to reveal that he is in fact Loris Karius. The German (posing as a Brazilian) has suffered a number of howlers in recent games.


Klopp“Some things make sense now,” Jürgen Klopp told Soccer on Sunday. “For example, why Ally was fluent in German but couldn’t speak a word of Portuguese with Bobby and Fab. I tried pulling Adrian’s mask off to see if he is Simon Mignolet, but now he is in the hospital. The surgeons will try to reattach the right ear, but the left is maybe not possible.”

“Was Loris always Ally?” said the German. “Or did he have Ally killed and take his place? These are questions probably for a policeman or Scooby Doo or someone. We pulled a mask off Shaq and it turns out he’s Peter Crouch. That’s more confusing than the Karius thing, to be honest.”

“Nobody knows how deep this goes,” he added.