Zaha Arsenal

Arsenal have bid £30 Million for highly-rated winger Wilfried Zaha, having had a higher bid of £40 Million rejected by Crystal Palace last week. Unai Emery has made Zaha his number one transfer priority for the summer.


Roy Hodgson“It’s disappointing,” Palace boss Roy Hodgson told Soccer on Sunday. “When a bid is rejected, it’s customary to make a higher bid. But it’s well-documented that these Arsenal cunts wouldn’t spend Christmas. Deep pockets and little T-Rex arms, most of them.”

“The decision isn’t mine,” added the former England manager. “But I’d be very surprised if the chairman accepts £30 million after turning down £40 million, unless he’s been at the crack pipe. And I’ve warned him about that stuff. Leave it to the big boys, like myself and Pete Doherty.”


EmeryUnai Emery insists that Arsenal will not flinch in their efforts to secure Zaha.

“We can go lower,” the Spaniard told Soccer on Sunday. “If they reject £30 million, we’ll bid £25 million. Then £20 million, £15 million and so on. Sooner or later they’ll crack, and then bish-bash-bosh, Bob’s your uncle, as you English say.”

“Higher?” added Emery. “Why would we bid higher? Then the cost would go up instead of down. That makes no sense. Maybe other clubs like to spend, but that’s not the Arsenal way. Arsène Wenger would turn in his grave.”

“Alive?” said Emery. “Wenger? That’s great news. Good for him.”