Mikel Arteta has conceded that Arsenal are unlikely to ever again mount a credible challenge for the Premier League. The Spaniard was speaking in the aftermath of a disappointing opening day 2 – 0 loss to Brentford.



“We are shite,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “And Arsenal will always be shite. This much is clear. Our wonderful fans — who are delusional assholes, by the way — deserve the truth, no? Everybody involved with this wonderful, special club must understand that it will never be better than this. Because we are shite.”

“No,” said Arteta, when asked if the decline might be arrested. “Being shite is in Arsenal’s DNA. Asking us to not be shite is like asking a donkey to fly south for the winter. A donkey has no wings, just like Arsenal are shite at football.”

“The donkey metaphor sounds more elegant in Spanish,” he added.