Leaked photos from Arsenal team-talks have raised eyebrows, revealing that Mikel Arteta’s doodles are becoming sexually charged. The Spaniard’s drawings first came to light during Amazon’s ‘All or Nothing’ documentary.


“The doodles are definitely getting raunchier,” Bukayo Saka told Soccer on Sunday. “Early on it was stuff like a heart and a brain holding hands, but nowadays the brain has a penis and the heart a vagina. The things the brain has been doing to the heart in recent drawings aren’t for the faint-hearted. They’re not things I’d enjoy exploring with my girlfriend, to be fair. “

“Not my cup of tea,” said the 21 year-old of the doodles. “But the gaffer’s paid to make those decisions on how pornographic a doodle should be. As I say, it’s my job to score goals for Arsenal Football Club and hopefully mentally block out some of the more disturbing doodles. That’s as much as I can do.”

“The doodle of a brain and a penis in a jacuzzi was particularly graphic,” he added. “The penis had its own penis, so it was sort of like a Christopher Nolan movie I guess? There was levels to it.”