Ask Diego Costa

Dec 19, 2015

Fiery Chelsea frontman Diego Costa answers readers’ questions…


You look angry most of the time Diego. Are you like that off the pitch too? 

Jack, London 

Not at all Jack. Away from football I teach a Zumba class in the local community hall, and I love nothing more than to strip into a leotard and boogey.


Some say that you cross the line between what is and isn’t acceptable. Do you enjoy the rush of combat?

Daniel, Glasgow

No, I hate violence. I passed out last week watching an episode of ‘The Bill’ when a character cut their hand on some glass. My daughter had to bring me around with smelling salts.


Do you still dream of winning the champions league? 

Jim, Cardiff

A little, but my main dream is to open a rehabilitation centre for puppies and bunnies. A place where ill-treated animals can not only be physically rehabilitated, but also dressed in cute little costumes that lift their spirits.


How do you feel about Mourinho’s dismissal? 

Des, Ipswich

I bawled my eyes out when I heard. I’ll bake him a nice lemon drizzle cake and take it around to his house next week.