Ask Gary Neville

Mar 25, 2016
Neville Distraught

You enjoying management Gary?

Frank, Dublin 

All is lost. The world is a black, soulless pit of despair, and life is a thankless trudge towards the grave.


How does management compare with being a player?

Des, Ipswich

The demons come at night when I close my eyes. I see them in my nightmares, pecking at my eyeballs and tearing my intestines from my belly.


Have you rang Sir Alex for advice?

Jim, Cardiff

I didn’t ask to be born. Now I long for the sweet, sweet caress of death.


What’s next for you Gary? More management, or back to punditry?

Daniel, Glasgow

Now is the winter of my unhappiness. My heart is empty and cold. I am a shell of putrid nothingness. Probably punditry.