Ask Joe Kinnear

Oct 24, 2015

How do you feel the modern game compares to your own day Joe? 

Sid, Shefield

C*nts today got no respect. Simple as. Time was you’d murder a c*nt in an above-the-knee tackle, but still buy him and his young lad a pint after. I took my 13 year old grandkid to a Dons game last month, and no c*nt’s offered him a pint in the player’s lounge. F*cking embarrassing, I tell ya.


What’s your favourite formation? 

Tony, Dublin

I like me defenders to defend, and me attackers to attack. So long as every c*nt’s doin’ his job, I couldn’t give a toss about your 4 -4 – 2s or your 3 – 6 – 3s. The Newcastle players would come to me before a game asking about formations, and I’d say, “do I look like your f*cking mum? Want me to ‘old your ‘and? Just kick the ball into their f*cking net, you soft c*nts.”


Do you worry that using bad language publicly might set a bad example for children? 

Greg, New York

No. F*ck off.


What club would you like to manage, if you had your pick Joe?

Ryan, Portsmouth

I could do a job at Barcelona. There’s no denying that. Day one, all that tippy-tappy boll*x would be gone. I’d bring in Carlton Palmer if he’s still playing, maybe Robbie Earle, go a bit more direct. Give the fans what they want, which is direct, ariel football. And any c*nt what doesn’t like it can f*ck right off, I tell’ ya.