Ask Peter Crouch

Jan 28, 2016
Peter Crouch

Abbey Clancy is stunning. Do you wake up every day and thank your lucky stars?

Jack, London 

Thanks Jack. I absolutely do. My wife is the most important person in the world to me


I can’t get my head around you and Abbey Clancy. Did you give her the Heimlich Manoeuvre in a restaurant or something, and now she owes you her life?

Des, Ipswich

Not at all Des. Myself and Abbey fell madly in love with one another. We’re soul mates


I’m not having the Abbey Clancy thing. Level with me. Hypnosis? Blackmail?

Jim, Cardiff

Are there any questions that aren’t about my wife? Anything about my football career?


I’ve heard Abbey Clancy is a hermaphrodite. That would explain a lot. Can you confirm whether there’s any bits’n’bobs down south?

Daniel, Glasgow

I refuse to answer any more questions