Ask Robbie Savage

Nov 21, 2015

That’s some head of hair. Are you a natural blonde Robbie? 

Jack, Cheshire 

A gentleman never tells whether the collar matches the cuff Jack.


How much pride did you take in playing for Wales?

Daniel, Glasgow

I wash my hair six times a day, but never use any shampoo or conditioner that contains chemicals that haven’t been approved by the FDA. I simply will not take crazy risks when it comes to my hair.


You played for so many clubs. Which is closest to your heart?

Jim, Cardiff

The hair needs nutrients, like an engine needs petrol. If I wasn’t constantly lathering my hair with nutrient-rich hydration gels, it could easily become limp and lifeless. And that’s not something I’m prepared to let happen.


Who was the toughest midfielder you played with or against? 

Frank, Liverpool

I honestly believe that my hair is a gift from God. And like any gift, it would be an abomination to squander it. My hair belongs to the people, and I have an obligation to showcase it at its absolute best.