Ask Roy Hodgson

Jan 22, 2016
Roy Hodgson

You’ve been awound Woy. What’s your wemedy for twiumph?

Ronnie, London 

There’s always a white way and a wong way Wonnie. I weckommend pwactice, pwactice, pwactice


You’ve been known to wip up the scwipt? Do you consider yourself an owiginal, Woy?

Rose, Ipswich

Thank you Wose. Owiginal? I don’t know, but I believe in twying to wealize one’s pwomise


Who is your favowit westler?

Rodger, Cardiff

Gwate question Wodger. Pwobably, Wavishing Wick Wude


Is it twoo that you had a small wole in Wodger Wabbit?

Raymond, Glasgow

Yes Waymond. I filmed a gwaphic scene, in which I wavished Jessica Wabbit on a bedwoom wug. It was all done with Gween Skween. Alas, the scene was wemoved. Too wacy