Bale Golf

Gareth Bale has been slammed for sending his full-time caddy Larry Burns to stand in for him during training at Real Madrid’s Ciudad complex. The Welshman was criticised earlier this week for posing with a flag making light of his preference for golf over Madrid.


Zidane“I fucking hate Bale,” Zinedine Zidane told Soccer on Sunday. “What am I supposed to do with this caddie cunt? All he does is lurk around like a perv, occasionally skulking up behind Eden Hazard before a free kick to whisper the yardage into his ear. It’s not helpful.”

“Golf isn’t like football,” said the Frenchman. “If Larry recommends a 1-wood to Courtois for one more kick-out, I’ll send him home to Bale in a body bag.”

“Or a golf bag,” added Zidane. “Out of respect for Larry’s family.”