Gareth Bale has been slammed for wearing full golf regalia during a squad photoshoot for Los Angeles FC. Bale signed a 1 year deal with the Major League side last week, capping 9 trophy-laden seasons with Real Madrid.


Bale golf

“No, I’ll not apologise,” Bale told Soccer on Sunday. “Anyone who knows me, knows I’m Wales, golf, Netflix, more golf, dogging, golf, nude badminton, Los Angeles Platypuses — or whatever the name of this stupid club is.”

“I’m here to win trophies,” said the 32 year-old. “Golf trophies, I mean. And if I also happen to pick up a bit of silverware playing for Los Angeles Woolly Mammoths, or whatever we’re called? Well, that’s a bonus. So long as it doesn’t interfere with my golf.”

“Or my dogging,” he added. “Or my naked badminton, to be fair.”