David Beckham Statue Slammed for Lack of Likeness

Beckham statue

David Beckham has become the latest sportsperson to receive a sculpture mocked for its lack of likeness. Beckham was honoured by former club LA Galaxy last night with the unveiling of a 22 foot granite statue, which some have suggested more closely resembles former ITN newscaster Trevor McDonald.


Beckham“What the fuck is this?” a microphone recorded Beckham mutter as the tarpaulin was lowered. The former England captain was later seen scuffling with local sculptor Dane Whittaker before attempting to ram the piece in a club-branded Humvee.

“It’s disappointing,” Beckham told Soccer on Sunday. “I sat for sixty hours with Dane over a two-week period. Why was I naked all that time if the statue was going to be clothed? Something’s not right.”


ArtistWhittaker insists that he is happy with the piece.

“You can’t please everyone,” the sculptor told Soccer on Sunday. “Most of my sculptures come out like Trevor McDonald, so I don’t know why anybody is surprised. Except the time I did purposely sculpt Trevor McDonald — for some reason that came out like Jennifer Aniston.”

“Physical resemblance isn’t everything,” added Whittaker. “It’s more important to reveal the person’s inner truth. Did I reveal Mr Beckham’s inner truth? Not really. Feels more like Trevor McDonald’s inner truth, if I’m honest. In my defence, I’m pretty sure I have issues, brain-wise.”