Jude Bellingham has launched a stinging critique of teammate Jordan Henderson following England’s 3 – 0 win over Senegal. The pair went nose-to-nose for a protracted period after Bellingham provided an assist for the Liverpool captain.


“There’s unwritten rules,” Bellingham told Soccer on Sunday. “You don’t get in someone’s face if you’ve been at the Monster Munch before a game. I think Jordo will be disappointed when he’s had a chance to reflect on his breath. I was unsettled by the fumes, to be fair.”

“He’s a good lad, Jordo,” said the 19 year-old. “Bit clunky on the ball, but as a leader? Clunky at that too, if I’m honest. But if I could identify one part of his game that leaves room for improvement, it would definitely be his breath.”

“There was also a hint of Scampi Fries,” he added. “It might be time for the gaffer to step in.”