Brendan Rodgers Releases Paperback Sex Guide


Brendan Rodgers has released a new 300-page paperback guide to sex, complete with diagrams and photos of the Irishman in the throes of love-making. The self-described “sexologist” promises that ‘Rodgering: A Guide to Sex’ is the first of a trilogy.


Rodgers Stare

“Sex is the same as football,” the manager of high-flying Leicester told Soccer on Sunday. “It’s about being aggressive, pressing high and looking to make something happen around the box. And you obviously need that ability to stay calm in tight spaces. Without that you’re up against it.”

“I remember teaching wee Joe Allen to make love,” said Rodgers. “His wife Beth probably wasn’t pleased to have me there on the wedding night, maneuvering them around the bed. But the results speak for themselves. They’ve got three kids.”

“The book’s for all ages,” added the former Liverpool manager. “Although HR asked me to stop handing out copies to the academy players. I’m in a wee bit of hot water there, to be fair.”