Brendan Rodgers Signs His Son on 8 Year Deal

Brendan Rodgers and Son

Brendan Rodgers has signed his son Anton on an 8 year deal worth a reported £60,000 per-week. The free agent played a friendly this week for the Glasgow club, but Rodgers had denied that a permanent deal was on the table.

Supporters have criticised the length of the contract and salary, which makes Rodgers the highest paid player in Celtic history.


Rodgers Smiling“Anton has outstanding character,” Rodgers told Soccer on Sunday. “It’s well documented that we go back a long way. I fertilized him with my sperm when he was only a wee egg. I breastfed the wee bairn, with help from his mother of course. So there’s a trust between us that I maybe don’t have with your Scott Browns and your Scott Sinclairs. I didn’t fertilize them, unfortunately.”

“Give Anton a chance, is my message to the fans,” added Rodgers. “People talk about how shite he’s been at other clubs, but that’s harsh on the boy. He’s not blessed with the kind of strength, pace, skill, bravery and work ethic other players have. He’s maybe not got that football intelligence either, or that calm you need under pressure. Where was I going with his?”


Anton RodgersRodgers himself is grateful for the opportunity to kickstart his career.

“Dad’s shown outstanding character,” the 24 year-old told Soccer on Sunday. “I’ve eight seasons now to repay his faith. There’s an option to extend for another eight years in 2024, and Dad says he’s already drafting the paperwork. That means the world to me. Some players respond to a bollicking, but I’m the kind of player that needs an arm around the shoulder and £3 million a year to feel loved.”

“Daffer, I call him now,” added the former Swindon midfielder. “Because he’s half ‘Dad’ and half ‘Gaffer’. Although he’s half philosopher too, so really he’s more of a ‘Dafflosopher’. And he fertilized me when I was only a wee egg, with his penis. I owe him so much.”