Celtic Allocated Only 4 Tickets for Old Firm Clash

Gerrard and Rodgers

Rangers chairman Dave King has confirmed that Celtic will receive an allocation of only 4 tickets when they visit Ibrox on December 29th. The announcement comes as the latest in a series of tit-for-tat reductions between the bitter rivals.


Rodgers Stare“Four is an insult,” Brendan Rodgers told Soccer on Sunday. “I promised my stylist Gary I’d sort himself, his wife Vera and their wee twins with tickets. Bang! That’s the allocation for the whole club gone, just like that. My cousin Pat wanted to come too, but there’s no 5th ticket. The blue scum should be ashamed, making a man choose between his family and his stylist.”

“It’s a big ask for Gary and his young family to be the Celtic Ultras on the day,” added the former Liverpool manager. “The twin girls are only 4 years-old, so I could see them struggling to really land some of the sectarian chants. They’ll have to grow up quick.”


GerrardSteven Gerrard has backed his club’s hardline stance.

“We feel the allocation is generous,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “If Brendan has chosen to give 100% of the club’s allocation to his stylist, I don’t see how Glasgow Rangers can be held responsible. But that’s the green scum — always pointing the finger instead of looking in the mirror.”

“Brendan’s cousin Pat is more than welcome to sit among the home fans,” added Gerrard. “Obviously he’ll be beaten to a pulp and possibly killed, but that’s the same passion that has made the whole world fall in love with Scottish football. You take the good with the bad.”