David Luiz Signs New 4 Year Contract Extension

David Luiz

David Luiz has signed a 4 year contract extension that will keep him at The Emirates until 2024, with an option of a 5th year. The Brazilian defender has been rewarded for playing a key role under Mikel Arteta.


Arteta“It’s fantastic news,” Arteta told Soccer on Sunday. “People say he’s shite, he’s crap, he’s this, he’s that — the bottom line is that David is a terrible footballer. But beneath that horrible footballing shell beats the heart of a wonderful human being, who just happens to be shit at football.”

“It’s my job now to improve David,” said the Spaniard. “Which obviously isn’t possible. Even Jesus needed water to turn into wine. He didn’t start with a few gallons of shit.”

“I might not have thought this extension through,” added Arteta, trailing off and gazing into the middle distance.