De Gea Gloves

David de Gea has been accused of wearing oversized gloves during Manchester UTD’s defeat of Spurs at Wembley yesterday. De Gea produced a Man of the Match display, but Mauricio Pochettino has drawn attention to what he believes are the Spanish shot-stopper’s enlarged hands.


Pochettino“It’s cheating,” the Argentinian told Soccer on Sunday. “De Gea was able to touch both posts at the same time. I don’t like to criticise players, but he’s a cheating cunt. Those gloves would be baggy on André the Giant. If David’s hands are really that size, pull off the gloves and show us that you can make a fist around your own head while crushing a microwave oven in the other hand.”

“The FA needs to come down hard on fake hands,” added Pochettino. “Chainsaw them off at the wrist and the goalkeeper will lose not only their fake hands, but also their real hands. The punishment has to match the crime.”


De GeaDe Gea has denied Pochettino’s accusation, insisting that he suffers from a medical condition.

“It’s glandular,” the Spanish international told Soccer on Sunday. “Pochettino sees the football side, but he doesn’t see me high-fiving my 4 year-old at home and accidentally putting her through a plasterboard wall. I wouldn’t wish Huge Hand Syndrome on my worst enemy.”