Derby Boss Wayne Rooney Slams Attitude of Striker Wayne Rooney


Derby interim boss Wayne Rooney has slammed his team’s performance after their 1 – 0 Championship loss to Bristol City. The Liverpudlian reserved his harshest criticism for star striker Wayne Rooney.


Rooney“Not good enough,” Rooney told Soccer on Sunday. “I don’t want to pick on Wayne, but if he thinks he’ll coast here for a couple of seasons before retirement, then he’s in for a shock. Because Wayne needs to set an example — not waddle around like a Bertie Big Bollox.”

“We’ve cleared the air,” said Rooney. “What was said is private — it stays between manager and player. I see a lot of myself in Wayne. When I was his age — which I am now — I thought I knew everything — which I actually do.”

“But Wayne needs to realise that the buck stops with me,” added Rooney. “Which ironically, is him. As I say, it’s very straightforward.”