Lucas Digne has refused to name the mystery man he claims soured his relationship with former club Everton. The left back spent over 3 years at Goodison before becoming Steven Gerrard’s second January signing at Aston Villa.


“I will never reveal the individual,” Digne told Soccer on Sunday. “But sometimes it only takes one Spanish cunt to ruin a beautiful love affair. This Bertie Big Bollocks thinks because he won the Champions League in 2005 with my new gaffer’s old club, that he can disrespect others. This is wrong.”

“No,” he replied, when asked if he might consider revealing the individual at a future date. “This Spanish cunt — let’s call him Rafa Benendez — will remain anonymous. I wish him and his family well.”

“No comment,” added Digne, when questioned on whether the mystery individual might be Jordan Pickford.