Dyche Refuses to Apologise for Horror Tackle on Klopp

Dyche tackles Klopp

Sean Dyche has refused to apologise following his horror tackle on Jürgen Klopp in Liverpool City Centre this afternoon. The Burnley manager was driving on Lord Street when he spotted Klopp and left his vehicle to brutalise the Liverpool manager with a two-footed lunge from behind.


Dyche“This is England,” Dyche told Soccer on Sunday. “Fans want to see managers trying to break other managers’ legs with horror tackles. Otherwise, what are we doing here? No really, if I can’t jump out of my jam-jar on a busy street and come feet first through the back of Jürgen Klopp with a two-footed horror lunge, then pack me off to ISIS or wherever. Because that’ll be me done with this country.”

“Do I apologise for my horror tackle on the female paramedic who arrived to give Jürgen CPR?” added the former Watford manager. “No, I don’t. Maybe that makes me old school or whatever, but if all it takes to rattle a paramedic these days is a ferocious, two-footed, chest-high lunge from behind, then maybe they’re in the wrong game.”