Emery Facing Murder Charge After Bottle Attack Fan Dies

Emery Bottle Kick

Unai Emery is facing a potential murder charge after the life support machine of the fan assaulted during Arsenal’s dour 1 – 1 draw with Brighton was switched off by his family this morning. The Arsenal manager denies deliberately killing Tony Wentworth with a water bottle, insisting he only intended to severely injure the lifelong Seagulls fan.


Emery“It’s sad,” the Spaniard told Soccer on Sunday. “I was frustrated by a bad moment in the match, so I looked around for a fan that I could violently assault. Tony caught my eye, so I smashed his skull in with the nearest bottle. My intention was only to hospitalise the lad for two or three months, and perhaps leave him with slurred speech. Killing him never entered my mind.”

“The thoughts and prayers of everyone at Arsenal Football Club are with Tony’s family,” added Emery. “Except Özil. He always seems happy when people die. It’s the only thing that makes him smile.”


Paul MersonPaul Merson has praised Emery for his candour.

“Why should he apologise?” the Sky Sports pundit told Soccer on Sunday. “I never like blaming families, but why wasn’t this Wentworth geezer ever taught to duck? Maybe then he wouldn’t be brown bread.”

“All Unai’s done is try to injure the lad, and now everyone’s talking about murder charges?” added Merson. “It’s PC gone mad.”