Foden and Greenwood

Phil Foden has accused England teammate Mason Greenwood of copying his apology for the pair’s breach of Covid-19 safety guidelines. Both players were omitted from the squad to face Denmark after entertaining two girls in their hotel room.


Phil Foden“Unbelievable,” Foden told Soccer on Sunday. “I’ve pulled an all-nighter writing my apology, with only some random slag from down the road for company. And then Greensy just swoops in and copies it? I’m Schindler’s List about this.”

“He’s taken it all,” said the midfielder. “The waffly bits about letting Gareth and the lads down, the touchy-feely crap about playing for England being an honour — it’s nearly word for word. Gareth will fuck him out of the squad permanently for plagiarism, if he has any balls.”

“I’d like to apologise for that last comment,” added Foden. “It was spoken in haste, and for the record I do respect the gaffer’s balls.”