“Football Is Better Without Fans,” Insists Xhaka


Granit Xhaka has insisted that football is more enjoyable in empty stadiums than with an audience of thousands of raucous fans. The midfielder has endured a tense relationship with Arsenal supporters since arriving in 2016.


Xhaka“The fans are scum,” Xhaka told Soccer on Sunday. “Especially ours. That’s just me being honest. If I had my way, they wouldn’t even see the games on TV. Of course everybody wants this terrible virus gone, but I hope the fans never return.”

“Playing in empty stadiums is a joy,” said the Swiss international. “There’s nothing better than scoring a goal and hearing a pin drop, and knowing how much it’s hurting the fans not to be there. I hate them.”

“For sure, winning is sweeter without fans,” added Xhaka. “They ruin everything.”