Free Agent Mario Balotelli Signs for Barnsley on 4 Year Deal


Mario Balotelli has signed for Championship side Barnsley on a 4 year deal worth a reported £120k per-week. The Italian has been a free agent since the summer, allowing him to join a club outside of normal transfer windows.


Balotelli“It’s wonderful to be here in Burnsley,” Balotelli told Soccer on Sunday. “Sean Dyche is a manager who I have admired from afar and…wait, what? He manages who? Is this not Burnley? It’s Barnsley? Who the fuck are Barnsley? Is that a real place?”

“Ok, I’ve just gotten some new information,” said the former Liverpool striker. “You’ll have to bear with me for a minute. Does anybody know if contracts are legally binding? They are? Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“Fuck,” he added.