Klopp vs Tierney

As transcribed by Sky Sports

Klopp: What’s your problem with us Tierney, you little potato-headed cunt?

Tierney: See this yellow? Keep talking and it’ll be a red.

Klopp: You know, people have accidents all the time. The brakes on their cars fail, for example.

Tierney: What did you just say?

Klopp: Nothing, only messing. So how are things anyway?

Tierney: You just threatened to kill me.

Klopp: No I didn’t. Prove it.

Tierney: I’m mic’d up. This conversation is being recorded.

Klopp: Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Tierney: Checkmate, you lanky kraut.

Klopp: Come on Paul, my hammie is gone. Isn’t that punishment enough?

Tierney: No, fuck off.

Klopp: Cunt.