Gerrard vs City

Steven Gerrard has offered each of his Aston Villa players a £1 million bonus if they beat Man City on Sunday. The Liverpool legend is desperate to help his former club secure a 2nd league title in 3 years.


“There’s no rule against it,” Gerrard told Soccer on Sunday. “Obviously the bonus will take a chunk out of the club’s summer transfer budget, but I’m only too happy to empty Villa’s pockets to help Liverpool. I might be renting my brain to Aston Villa, but my heart belongs to Liverpool. I’ve said that many times.”

“One way or another, we’ll stop the City scum,” said the 41 year-old. “Whether that’s Phil curling one into the top corner, or me entering the field of play to chop down de Bruyne with a two-foot, above-the-knee lunge. What I won’t do is just stay in my technical area. I owe it to Liverpool to try and injure the lad.”

“Come Sunday, we’ll be ready,” added Gerrard, appearing to fashion a ‘shiv’ out of a razor blade and the handle of an old toothbrush.