Gerrard: “Rangers a Stepping Stone to Celtic Job”

Gerrard Celtic

Steven Gerrard has said that managing Glasgow Rangers could be the perfect stepping stone towards eventually taking the reins at Celtic Park. The Liverpool legend has supported The Bhoys since childhood, and posed for photos in a Hoops jersey at Celtic Park in 2016.


Gerrard Interview“It makes sense on paper,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “Spend a year or two managing the blue scum to cut my teeth in Scottish football, and then take that experience down the road to Celtic and use it to thump the shite out of the blue scum half a dozen times a year.”

“I’m very grateful to the blue scum for giving me this opportunity,” added Gerrard. “So I’ll have mixed feelings about smearing my shite on the home dressing room walls on my way out the door in a year or so. It’ll be bittersweet.”


Rodgers with CupGerrard’s former manager Brendan Rodgers is looking forward to the new rivalry.

“Steven’s got outstanding character,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “I remember confiding in him a few years ago that I’d come to think of him as my best friend. Steven had the strength of mind to tell me that he didn’t feel the same. Things were a wee bit awkward after that.”

“I climbed through Stevie’s bedroom window one night last summer to ask if he’d be my Best Man,” added Rodgers. “His lovely wife Alex beat me unconscious with a bedside lamp, and now I’m legally not allowed within 200 yards of Stevie. So we might have to move the dugouts around a wee bit, but that’s football.”