Potter hulk

Graham Potter has finally proven the existence of a temper beneath his ultra calm demeanour. The Chelsea boss unexpectedly transformed into a hulk during Friday’s press conference and killed 7 journalists.



“Handbags really,” a human again Potter told Soccer on Sunday. “Or hulkbags, if you will. Obviously the families of the slain journalists won’t see it that way. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. Not to victim-blame, but you play with fire when you throw disrespectful questions at an incredible hulk.”

“It’s my job now to re-trace my steps and find some of the missing heads and limbs and what have you,” said the 47 year-old. “Sometimes it’s easier to rip these body parts off than keep track of them when you’re hulked out, to be fair. It’s unrealistic to think there’ll be no gaps in the coffins, but I’m prepared to roll up my sleeves and search.”

“Storm in a hulkcup,” added Potter, finding a human head beneath his chair.