Graham Potter

Graham Potter has signed a 3 year extension to his existing contract that will see him remain at Stamford Bridge until 2030. The surprise deal comes amidst rumours that Potter was verging on being sacked.



“Obviously I’m delighted,” Potter told Soccer on Sunday. “Every manager dreams of landing that job where results don’t matter. To be rewarded for failure is very gratifying — it inspires me to roll up my sleeves, change nothing, and then roll them back down again.”

“Of course, the results have to improve,” said the 47 year-old. “But realistically they won’t. Do I give a monkeys? I dare say I don’t, no. Todd has assured me that the job is mine for life, even if we get relegated 4 or 5 times or I get arrested for murder or what have you. There’s really no red line.”

“The trick is not to fuss over the difference between wins and losses,” he added. “Otherwise you’ll just get all stressed.”