Carragher on Haaland

Jamie Carragher has doubled down on his controversial criticism of Premier League superstar Erling Haaland. The Sky Sports pundit suggested on Monday that Man City have been weakened by the Norwegian’s signing.



“The player he most reminds me of is Shane Long,” Carragher told Soccer on Sunday. “And in some ways, he’s almost a poor man’s Shane Long. Of course, Shane couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo — that’s well-documented. But if you take away Haaland’s goals, what are you left with? I’d argue you’re left with Shane Long.”

“People will obviously talk about Haaland’s 20 goals in 25 games,” said the 45 year-old. “But if you analyse those goals, most of them could have been scored by Shane Long. Realistically, he wouldn’t have scored any of them. But theoretically he could have had a field day, and that’s a sad indictment of Haaland.”

“Is Shane Long fit to lace Haaland’s boots?” he added. “No, of course not. But is Haaland fit to lace Shane Long’s boots? Again, it’s a no for me.”