Maguire jersey

Manchester UTD have confirmed that Harry Maguire will wear the number 107 jersey for the forthcoming season. The former captain had worn number 5 since signing from Leicester City in 2019.



“It’s a huge honour,” Maguire told Soccer on Sunday. “To follow in the footsteps of great 107s like Sid Lamp, Terry Hornwinkle and Johnny ‘John’ John. Obviously none of them kicked a ball for the first team, but all legends of reserve football. Except Johnny ‘John’ John — he was shite, apparently. So was his brother John-joe ‘Joe’ John.”

“And Terry Hornwinkle was the last man hanged in the United Kingdom, in 1964,” said the big defender. “Well-deserved, to be fair. He killed a lot of people — including Sid Lamp. Lampy deserved better than that, by all accounts. The curse of the 107s, they call it. But I intend to break that curse.”

“A moment’s silence please for Lampy, and all the other victims of Terry Hornwinkle,” said the defender, bowing his head in silence.