Henderson Accused of Hand Gesture Against Malta

Henderson Hand Gesture

Jordan Henderson has been accused of making a rude hand gesture during last weekend’s World Cup qualifier against Malta. The midfielder is the second international to be accused of gesturing after footage emerged of Delle Ali appearing to ‘flip the bird’ during Monday’s qualifier against Slovakia.


Henderson“It’s been blown out of proportion,” Henderson told Soccer on Sunday. “Harry Kane’s a good pal of mine, and he’s said, ‘Hendo you pig-ugly shitebag, you couldn’t score in a brothel.’ So I’ve made a hole with one hand like a vagina, and stuck a finger from the other hand through it like a penis, and I’ve gone, ‘This is what me and the missus will be doing tonight’.”

“The missus wasn’t best pleased when she saw it,” added the Liverpool captain. “She thinks I was offering to bum Kanesy. I tried to explain, but she belted me unconscious with a golf club and took the kids off to her sister’s. It’s a bit of a mess, to be fair.”


KaneHarry Kane admits that he was also confused by Henderson’s hand gesture.

“I thought he was offering to bum me,” the Spurs striker told Soccer on Sunday. “Beccy Henderson rang me in floods of tears, asking how long it’s been going on. I tried to convince her that the hole in Hendo’s hand was supposed to be her vagina — not my arse. But she filed for divorce this morning.”

“It’s a harsh lesson,” added Kane. “My advice to younger players is never stick your finger through a hole in the other hand like a penis going into a vagina. Too many lives have been ruined.”