Henderson Hair Turns White Overnight After Penalty Miss

Henderson white hair

Jordan Henderson is showing the after effects of a stressful night’s work to reach the quarter-finals of Russia 2018. The Liverpool midfielder missed a penalty during the crucial shootout with Columbia, causing his hair to slowly turn white over the last 12 hours.


Henderson white hair“I didn’t even notice at first,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “It was only when I came down for breakfast and Sterlingsy says, ‘Jordansy, how come you look like a shit Morgan Freeman?’ Now the lads are calling me Jord-shank-redemptionsy.”

“I just have to take it on the scalp,” said the midfielder. “When you miss a penalty at the highest level, of course you’ll get some white hair and a bit of blood in your stool. Although it was more like a bit of stool in my blood when I took a gander before flushing this morning, to be fair.”

“Once the missus likes the new colour, that’s all that matters,” added Henderson. “And unfortunately, she doesn’t. Rebecca filed for divorce this morning on the grounds of ‘Irreconcilable Hair.’ Ironically, the stress of a looming divorce caused the last few strands to go white. But as I said, these things happen in football.”