Henderson and de Gea

Dean Henderson’s war of words with David de Gea escalated today, with the Englishman branding his goalkeeping rival a ‘Butterfingered shitebag’. Henderson is expected to contend for the number one spot at Old Trafford this season.


Dean Henderson“I respect David,” the England under-21 international told Soccer on Sunday. “He was different class a few years ago, but there’s no denying he’s become a butterfingered shitebag. Put a household fridge between the sticks and it would make more saves than David. Be better on crosses too, to be fair.”

“I feel for the lad,” said Henderson. “But it’s my job now to tell him he’s shite and undermine his confidence. Please God he makes a few howlers early doors and I weasel in ahead of him. That would be a dream come true.”

“David de Gea?” he added. “Howler de Shite, more like.”