“I Have Nothing Left to Learn,” Insists Mason Greenwood


Mason Greenwood insists that he has nothing left to learn after scoring his 9th league goal in UTD’s 3 – 0 rout of Aston Villa. The 18 year-old has been in sensational form since football’s return from lockdown.


Greenwood“I’m done learning,” Greenwood told Soccer on Sunday. “It’s nice knowing that I’m the finished article — now I can tune out the gaffer and the other coaches and just do my thing. A legend tried to give me some advice yesterday — I said, ‘I’ll stop you there Sir Alex. Not interested mate. Back in your box.'”

“You need that self confidence,” said the Bradford-born striker. “Some of the players around me are shite, to be fair. No need to name names — they know who they are. Your Maguires, your Lingards, your Freds. Maybe those boys can still learn.”

“But my brain is closed for business,” added Greenwood.