Steve Bruce

Steve Bruce has admitted that his two year stint as manager of Newcastle UTD might be nearing an end. The 60 year-old is expected to be an early casualty of the club’s takeover by a Saudi investment group.



“That’s me fucked, if you’ll pardon my French,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “These Saudis are going to want to bring in someone sexier, like Conte. Is Antonio sexier than me? According to my missus, yes. She says she’d let him pound her into next week, even if I was downstairs. It was quite a hurtful conversation, to be fair.”

“It’s hard,” said the former defender. “I went to top up my canteen card, and Vera behind the counter said, ‘You’re a dead man walking Brucey, you dozy shitebag. That money will just linger on the card long after you’ve been slung onto the scrapheap.’ Another hurtful conversation, if I’m honest.”

“She can be quite cruel, Vera,” he added, his voice cracking and his eyes reddening.