Ince: “No Opportunities for Terrible Young English Managers”

Paul Ince

Paul Ince has slammed the lack of opportunities for terrible young English managers in the Premier League. The former Blackburn manager is frustrated to see vacancies being constantly filled by the same half-dozen elder Brits.


Paul Ince“It’s a merry-go-round,” Ince told Soccer on Sunday. “Your Big Sams, your Hodgsons, your Pardewses, your Moyseseses, your Pulisisisisis. How are terrible young managers such as myself and Tim Sherwood supposed to get a foot in the door? With the greatest of respect, we’re just as terrible as those older guys, but the opportunities aren’t there to prove how bad we can be.”

“Just look at the job Tim did at Villa,” added the former Manchester UTD midfielder. “Stunk the joint out and was told to sling his hook after 6 months. Same as myself as Blackburn. A crack-ho would have done a better job. But when your Sunderlands or your West Hams need a terrible manager to get them relegated, who do they call? Your Moyseses or your Pardewseses.”


Moyes presserDavid Moyes feels that Ince needs to gain experience to compete for the top jobs.

“Paul’s still young,” the West Ham boss told Soccer on Sunday. “You don’t become a terrible manager overnight. It takes years, slogging away, doing awful work at club after club. Look at Roy Hodgson. Roy Travelled all over Europe, learning new ways to be a terrible manager on the continent. Then he brought all that horrible experience home and mixed it with his experience of being a horrible manager in this country.”

“The opportunities will come for Paul and Tim,” added Moyes. “Myself and the others aren’t getting any younger. Father Time will probably take one or two of us over the next 20 years, and young bucks like Paul and Tim need to prove that they’re terrible enough to step in.”