Ince on Solskjaer: “I’d be Top of the League By Now”

Ince and Solskjaer

Paul Ince has again claimed that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is being overpraised for his performance as Manchester UTD caretaker manager. The self-styled ‘Guv’nor’ insists that Solskjaer is merely fixing problems that would be obvious to any manager.


Paul Ince“I’m not criticising the lad,” Ince told Soccer on Sunday. “But there’s no doubt that UTD would be top by now if they’d called me. People say, ‘Incey you oval-headed shitebag, that’s not mathematically possible’. Well, that sounds like an excuse. The boy Solskjaer is drawing matches left — mark my words, it’ll be right and centre soon too.”

“My philosophy would be to win the games Solskjaer likes to draw,” said the former midfielder. “I call it Footpaul. It’s similar to Cruyff’s philosophy, but without all the tactical stuff.”

“There’s a perception that the likes of myself, Brucey and Hughsey are shite managers,” added Ince. “Sure, maybe we’re not the most tactically versed. We might not have that grasp of sports science and modern training methods. And maybe we don’t have that deep understanding of formations you need today. Where was I going with this?”