Kane moon

Harry Kane’s missed penalty from yesterday’s World Cup quarter-final has landed on the moon, NASA confirmed this evening. France went on to win 2 – 1 and set up a semi-final clash against Morocco.


Harry Kane

“No, not a good feeling,” Kane told Soccer on Sunday. “It’s never nice when a shot lands on the moon. Obviously it means you haven’t made the right contact. Whether I have to pay a littering fine now or what have you, that’s up to NASA. I can only concentrate on trying to keep future penalties on earth.”

“The ball also grazed the International Space Station,” said the England captain. “With enough contact to nudge it onto a collision course with the sun. Six astronauts will die, apparently. I’ll just have to take that on the chin.”

“I’m told my ball landed only a few hundred feet from Chris Waddle’s,” he added. “Obviously that’s no consolation for myself, or for Chris.”