Keane Brands Liverpool Squad Celebration a “Sausage Fest”

Keane on Liverpool

Roy Keane has slammed videos circulating on social media of the Liverpool squad celebrating their club’s first top division title in 30 years. Jürgen Kopp and Virgil Van Dijk are among the stars seen dancing in the grainy footage.


Keane“I’m fuming,” Keane told Soccer on Sunday. “Where are the women? It’s an absolute Sausage Fest. Men dancing with men, men jumping on men — as I say, you’ve got to balance out this kind of carry-on with a few ladies. The closest to a lady in those videos is probably Adam Lallana, which isn’t good enough.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” said the Irishman. “Many times I had a boogie after UTD won the league. But you hire a choreographer and rehearse beforehand for weeks. Not just turn up and jump around like a half-pissed chimp. I’d be swinging digs if I was at that party.”

“Flabbergasted,” added Keane.