Keane on Wilshere: “I’d Hang the Little Shit”

Keane and Wilshere

Roy Keane has launched a ferocious broadside against Jack Wilshere in the aftermath of Arsenal’s disappointing Europa Cup performance against Östersunds. The Irishman was critical of the overall team display, but reserved his harshest criticism for English international Wilshere.


Keane intense“Cowards,” the former UTD captain told Soccer on Sunday. “Same old Arsenal. Usual. And the boy Wilshere? I’d hang the little shit. The law is an ass when it comes to this kind of thing, but in past centuries you could hang the odd traitor to motivate the troops. Have we strayed too far from that kind of thing in recent times? That’s not for me to say, but I’d certainly hang the boy Wilshere from the crossbar at The Emirates if everything wasn’t so PC.”

“People say what about his family, but I’d hang them too,” added Keane. “Where’s his wife in all this? I’d be asking questions of the whole family unit on the basis of the nonsense I saw out there on the pitch tonight.”