Keane Questioned by Police Over Whereabouts of Jamie Carragher

Keane and Carragher

Roy Keane’s questioning in relation to the disappearance of Jamie Carragher has been extended by a further 12 hours, London Metropolitan Police confirmed tonight. Keane was witnessed bundling Carragher into the boot of his Toyota Corolla shortly after the pair engaged in a heated on-air row.


Roy Keane“Handbags,” Keane told Soccer on Sunday via telephone. “Ok, I’ve snuck out from the shadows in the carpark and smashed a crowbar over Jamie’s head, but he’s gone down easy to be fair. But that’s your modern pundit. Maybe analysing games is a little too much for the lad.”

“How should I know?” said the former UTD captain, when asked if he knows the whereabouts of Carragher. “You dump a man into The Thames at night and there’s no telling where the current might take them. But as I’ve told the police a hundred times, Jamie was more or less still breathing when he entered the water.”

“Maybe one or two will go easy on Ole now,” added Keane. “There’s plenty more room in The Thames for Graham and the boy Redknapp.”