Klopp On Going Top: “The League is in the bag”

Klopp happy

Jürgen Klopp insists the league is ‘in the bag’ following Liverpool’s weekend win over Bournemouth. The Merseysiders climbed to the foot of the table during Saturday’s early kick-off, and remained there when City were later beaten at Stamford Bridge.


Klopp“Yes, it’s in the bag,” Klopp told Soccer on Sunday. “I tell my players, relax and take your foot off the gas because the hard work is finished. Don’t be thinking about the next game or the one after that. Think 22 games ahead to the last game of the season, and how amazing it’ll feel to be crowned champions. Let’s cruise from here to there, in 3rd gear.”

“There’s always room for complacency,” added the German. “City are in meltdown, Chelsea are a Hazard injury away from being a pub team, Arsenal are still a team of spineless windbag son-in-laws if you scratch the surface, and Spurs are bottling shitebags. So let’s get this party started, as the band say. The Black Eyed Beans?”


Will I AmWill.I.Am has released a statement clarifying that the Black Eyed Peas do not sign-off on the starting of Liverpool’s party.

“The Black Eyed Peas respect Jürgen and his team,” the statement reads. “And it’s well documented that we encourage the starting of parties. But we also encourage people to be responsible. Getting a party started after 16 games, with only a single point buffer, in our opinion, is reckless. So with reluctance, on this occasion we must recommend that the party is not gotten started.”