Lampard and Klopp

Jürgen Klopp has accused Frank Lampard of making threatening phone calls as the pair’s war of words escalated over the weekend. The rivals clashed on the touchline earlier this summer before trading barbs in the press over transfer expenditure.


Klopp“Yes, Frank calls me most nights,” Klopp told Soccer on Sunday. “I’m surprised his fingers can dial the numbers, they’re so fat. But he calls and threatens to do this and that to my genitals. Sometimes he just breathes heavily into the phone, but the breath is clearly cockney. It’s either Frank or Ray Winstone.”

“Violence is probably inevitable,” said the German. “I wish that was not the case, but this is the situation and it only ends with a machete lodged in one of our skulls. Then we can focus on football again and coaching and all that stuff.”

“Does anybody know if Frank’s house has one of those fancy alarm systems?” added Klopp.