The war of words between former teammates Frank Lampard and John Terry has escalated ahead of their Wembley showdown later this month. Terry has accused Derby County of riding their luck during their play-off victory over Leeds United.


Lampard“Can you Adam’n’Eve this slag?” Lampard told Soccer on Sunday. “Did Villa not ride their Friar Tuck against West Brom? Do me a Cheesy Quaver — the Gregory Peck on him. Tel can try stirring up Barney Rubble and acting the James Blunt all he wants, but we have a Jackie Chan for Wembley.”

“If he has something to Dorris Day, pick up the Dog and Bone,” added the former Chelsea midfielder. “But we’ll do our Bubble and Squeaking on the pitch.”


TerryTerry feels that the pressure might be getting to his former friend.

“I haven’t a Scooby Doo why he’s Schindlers List,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “Maybe the Corn on the Cob is too big for him. If we mug Derby off on May 27th, Lamps could find himself on the Nat King Cole by the next Day’s Dawning.”

“He’s crying like an Ethan Hunt,” added the former Chelsea defender. “I took a Butchers in his Mince Pies when we played them at Villa Park, and I saw a Bengal Lancer. Has he the Town Halls for this? I’m not sure, to be Paddington Bear.”