Frank Lampard has been formally asked by Chelsea to stop loitering around Stamford Bridge and the club’s training ground near Cobham. The Londoner was sacked by Chelsea in January after 18 months in charge.


Lampard“No, I’ll not stay away,” Lampard told Soccer on Sunday. “Chelsea is in my blood, and I intend to help Thomas Tuchel any way I can. Are we co-managers? That’s for others to decide. As I say, I’ll just keep coaching the players here and there as they arrive in their cars, and shouting instructions over the fence from my ladder at the training ground.”

“Meltdown?” said the former midfielder, answering no apparent question. “It depends how you define one. Certainly I’ve not showered since the club made their decision, and nothing’s passed my lips but Redbull. You have the odd hallucination of a unicorn giving a donkey a blowjob, but that’s football.”

“You just get on with it,” added Lampard.