Frank Lampard has branded Bayern Munich’s 7 – 1 Champions League victory over Chelsea a ‘smash and grab’. The former midfielder insists that the scoreline was not an accurate reflection of an even contest.


Lampard“Bayern will have had few tougher nights,” Lampard told Soccer on Sunday. “They were chasing shadows at times, with the ball. I felt for them, if I’m honest. Nobody wants to humiliate the opposition. But then they’ve nicked 7 jammy goals across the two legs and made it appear the other way around.”

“Congrats to Bayern,” said the Londoner. “Just don’t be arrogant with it. Or spy on anyone. I give people a pass on most things — JT likes to sniff around my Trouble and Strife and I turn a blind eye. But spies and arrogant slags? Not for me.”

“Now, you’ll have to excuse me,” added Lampard. “The missus has just found JT strapped to the underside of her car.”