Lampard and Tuchel

Frank Lampard has offered to take charge of Chelsea for the Champions League final against Manchester City on May 29th. The Londoner coached the club during the competition’s early stages before being sacked in January.



“The ball’s in Thomas’ court,” Lampard told Soccer on Sunday. “I’ve offered to finish what I started, but the germans can be a funny lot, with their world wars and what have you. Credit to the players, they’ve all asked me to stop contacting them, but that just gives me that hunger to break the restraining orders. I love this club.”

“Joint manager, co-manager,” said the 42 year-old. “Call me what you like — I’m ready to roll up my sleeves on the 29th and give Thomas a night off to dress up in lederhosen, or whatever pervy things he does for fun.”

“Can someone ask Thomas if it’s ok for me to bring JT?” added Lampard. “He’s already packed his full kit and his gel.”